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Here are various links that we frequent on a regular basis, you can find all you  need to know about ball pythons.


A great forum that is dedicated to ball pythons, this is an international site that has a huge following. Log on, register and be prepared to be blown away with the content and activity on this bustling site.


The premium South African reptile forum. Here you will find all sorts of info on local and exotic reptiles. There is a small ball python community here that will be happy to assist in any queries you have on your ball which is great as it is provides local info for South Africans


Home to the biggest ball python breeder in South Africa. The majority of our animals have come from here, quality and selection is the name of the game for ballpythons.co.za. The animals available from here are amazing and we can only wonder what lays hidden in their top secret facility.


The fantastic site of Markus Jayne, the premier Canadian ball python breeder. A great site with a wealth on information and some amazing animals. Visit this site to brush up on your knowledge of ball python breeding and genetics.


Home to Dave and Tracy Barker, considered to be the front runners of the ball python world. These guys started it all.


Home to NERD (New England Reptile Division). One of the premier ball python breeders in the US, be sure to check out their collection page to get a taste of what the world of ball python morphs has to offer.


A great site with useful info on ball python care. Not as big as some of the other US breeders but quality nonetheless.


Here you will find the site for Brian Barczyk. His facility of 30,000 inhabitants houses all manner of reptiles but has a focus on ball pythons. Be sure to check out their weekly Snakebytes reptile show which is aired online (www.snakebytes.tv)

There are quite a few books available on ball pythons, from beginner to advanced.

The Complete Ball Python - Kevin McCurley

Probably one of the best ball python book available. This is a comprehensive guide to care, breeding and genetic mutations. A must have for any serious ball python collector/breeder.

Kevin McCurley is the owner of NERD and he shares a great amount of information in this book.

ISBN - 978-09767334-0-4

Snake Measurer

A great tool to assist you in measuring the length of your snake, takes the guesswork out of the process.

Ball Python Record Card

It is highly recommended that you keep records of your ball python. Download a sample of our record card that you can use to chart your balls progress.

Reptilecity.co.za is South Africa’s premier online retailer for herp equipment. Great prices and service to help keep your little friends in super condition and comfort.


Based in Pretoria, ballpythonmorphs.co.za has a very impressive collections of morphs. They also breed a variety of other exotic animals including Green Tree Pythons, Parrots and Primates