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Detailed below are the ball python morphs that we currently have in our collection, we will be adding to our collection each year through acquisitions and breeding

Genetics - Normal

The normal, or wild type, typically what ball pythons would look like in the wild. They generally appear as a brown and black animal with varying shades of these colours.

Whilst not in the same ‘visual’ league as the various morphs available, they are nonetheless beautiful animals and make excellent pets.

Genetics - Co-Dominant - Colour

The Pastel is one of the first morphs that was proven out.

Pastels are typified by their very strong yellow and orange colouration as well as blushing.

Whilst being a fantastic looking animal, Pastels are also a key ingredient when breeding for many of the ‘designer’ morphs that exist as they can pass on their amazing yellow colouration

Being a co-dominant morph when bred to another Pastel you can produce the Super-Pastel, which has even better colouration and blushing.

Genetics - Dominant - Colour and Pattern

An amazing animal, Spiders are a must have for any ball python collector.

What makes them unique is their reduced body pattern, head pattern and warm gold colouration. Also to be noted is their strong feeding and breeding responses.

Spiders are another key ingredient when breeding for the designer morphs.

When bred to a Pastel you can get a Bumblebee, which is a blend of the two animals and is amazing to behold.

Genetics - Recessive - Colour

Albinos are a terrific morph in ball pythons. The albino gene prevents any black pigment on the python, the result is a snake that is white with yellow pattern and pink eyes. Albino’s are unmistakable and are always in demand.

This pair of balls, although normal looking,  are heterozygous for albino meaning they both carry the albino gene. Albinism, being a recessive gene,effectively hides behind the normal gene waiting to pair up with another albino gene when breeding.

When this pair are bred to each other they should produce 25% albinos, with the remainder being 66% possible hets.

Genetics - Recessive - Colour

On the flip side of the Albino we have the Axanthic. The Axanthic gene prevents any yellow and brown pigment showing through making a silver, white and black python.

One of my favourite morphs. When used in breeding projects the Axanthic can turn any morph into black and white version, resulting in some stunning looking pythons.

An example is the Axanthic Bumblebee, a mix of Pastel, Spider and Axanthic genes.

Genetics - Co-Dominant - Colour

A co-dominant morph. Butters are just beautiful, their caramel colouration is almost good enough to eat! Bred together these will produce the Blue Eyed Leucistic.

Another hot Butter designer morph is the Butter Spider.

Genetics - Co-Dominant - Colour

A co-dominant morph. Cinnamons are an underated morph, at first glance they look like a fancy normal. Their genetic strength is shown when bred to other morphs. A Cinnamon bred to a Cinnamon will produce the Super-Cinnamon, and when bred to a Pastel you get the Pewter.

Genetics - Recessive - Colour & Pattern

Piebalds (Pieds) are one of the most amazing ball python morphs. Their patchwork brown and white pattern has amazing ‘wow’ factor and all collectors desire to have one in their collection.

Being a recessive gene, you need both parents to carry the gene in order to produce Pied babies. An interesting fact is that the amount of white that parents carry have no bearing on what the babies will look like.

When mixed in with other morphs you can produce some awesome looking animals. Examples are Axanthic Pieds and Panda Pieds.

Genetics - Recessive - Colour

Hypos (Ghosts) are a subtle morph. They possess a faded colouring with an almost frosted appearance. Great for designing new morphs as they can really enhance colour effects when mixed into designer morphs.

Also known as Hypomelanistic. A very cool designer morph is the Spider x Ghost, or Honeybee

Genetics - Dominant - Colour

The Super Pastel is the homozygous or dominant form of the Pastel.

Yellows are brighter and blushing is more intense. A breeding powerhouse, all eggs hatched from a Super Pastel will be Pastels. This opens the door to making some awesome designer morphs.

Genetics - Co-Dominant - Colour

Yellow Bellies are a subtle morph. They tend to be prettier than normal balls and tend to have a slight yellow hue to their bellies.

Yellow Bellies are used to clean up morph combinations and when bred together produce the Ivory ball python.

Yellow bellies may also throw out remarkable looking designer morphs so every collection needs to have them.