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Having been born and raised in South Africa I've always had a fascination with snakes, but as a youngster and due to spending 10 years overseas I'd never had a chance to own a reptile.... until now.....
At the pet shop I had a look at cornsnakes but these were too quick and skittish for my  liking so I had a look at ball pythons instead. As soon as the little fella was put into my hands I was hooked and although he cost me a bit more than a corn snake it was money well spent.
His name is Samson (pictured left), and he set the ball in motion so to speak. Once I got him home I went online and started researching how to care for these animals, and it was during my research I learnt about the potential that these snakes carry. Once thought to be a middle of the range snake, Ball Pythons are now one of the most in-demand snakes with the various colour and pattern morphs commanding very large sums of money, they are often referred to as 'investment' balls.

My collection has now grown from having just Samson to a selection of normal ball pythons and various morphs, more details of which you can find in this site. It has quickly grown in a passion and I wish to share this passion with all of you.

I aim to produce our first clutches of eggs in 2010 and I may just have a few morphs and normals available for sale. From there on you can expect more morphs and normal ball pythons to be available year on year.

My ball python passion is the result of a trip to Mozambique in Easter of 2008 where I handled my very first cornsnake. Once I returned to Johannesburg I decided to get a pet snake to complement the rest of my menagery.  (Picture is of me back in the day with an African Rock Python, circa 1984 - Jules)

The Albino ball python was discovered in 1992 and started the ball python morph phenomena.